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The significant roles I play in life are mother, wife, pupil, photographer, graphic designer, and carb lover. I am into many things such as arts, music, hobbies, foods, movies, and books. In my free time, I enjoy creating and capturing the beautiful and unusual. 

When it comes to photography, I like to keep myself open to various photo subjects and styles, like newborn, maternity, boudoir, documentary, artistic, and commercial. Today, I work with a  high-end Nikon DSLR and top-quality lenses.  I use these tools to capture what photography is all about – emotion, passion, and laughter; nothing makes me happier than creating these memories for both you and me to enjoy. I have also extended myself to graphic design work, customizing visual design solutions for a broad range of printed and web marketing materials.

I am based in Las Vegas, NV, and I love to travel!  No destination is too far, and no idea is too outlandish! Let's make some memories!!!


Yours Truly,

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